Thursday, October 20, 2011

original methodology


  1. Use goggles and but a  lab coat on 
  2. Gather materials 
  3.  (Get two beans )measure the both beans one at a time
  4.  (2oz cups)two paper cups  
  5. Pour 20 ml of of soil carefully in the cup (for each  paper cups)
  6. But a bean inside the cup and then carefully cover the bean (do step 5 for both cups )
  7. (10oz graduated cylinder )Use a graduated cylinder and carefully pour 10oz of water in cup 
  8. Label the cups  (One cup is labeled cup A and the other cup  is  labeled cup  B)
  9. Carefully take cup A and place in the window
  10. Place cup B carefully some where safe and place a box up  inside the cup
  11. water each plant each day 10 ml of water
  12. Record your

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