Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bean Project

    Will the bean without light grow better then the the bean with light ?

    I know that plants need three things to grow light, water, and soil.

      I think the bean with light will grow then the then the bean  without light .

    • Two pinto beans 
    • (2oz cups) 2 paper cups
    • (10ml )graduated cylinder
    • ruler 
    • soil 
    • water
    • paper towel 
    • paper/graph paper
    1. Put on goggles and a apron 
    2. gather materials
    3. get a measuring cup and fill 1oz of soil in the cup carefully
    4. after doing step 3 pour the soil in one of the paper cups
    5. repeat steps 1through 4 for the other cup
    6. make a hole in the soil and put one bean in the middle of the hole.(do for the other paper cups)
    7. cover the bean
    8. label one cup a and the other cup b
    9. get a graduated cylinder and pour 10ml of water and then carefully pour the water in the cup(other cup)
    10. clean your mess up 
    11. place cup A in a place where there is light 
    12. place cup B somewhere where there is no light.
    13.  make like a calender so your can record your data
    14. each day record the growth of your plants in inches in your paper
    15. put on your goggles and  apron and water your  beans 10ml of water each day
    16. collect your data after three  weeks  
    I turn in my graph 

     The bean with light grow better then the bean without light because it didn't have light to grow.


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