Monday, August 29, 2011

Cyber bulling story

There once were two best friends named Karla and Cathy .Cathy dreamed of being on the popular kids in Jr. high . One day a popular girl started taking to Cathy, ever since that day Cathy  stopped taking to Karla . One day Cathy was waking to science class and a piece of paper fell out of her notebook.Emily( a popular girl in school )picked the piece of paper and she saw it was Karla's  email . Emily started emailing Karla mean things and treating Karla . One night  Emily emailed Karla she was going to be dead tomorrow  after school . Karla was scared to tell anyone so she ran away . Emily heard what happened to Karla and she said it was just a joke. Cathy stopped hanging with the popular kids in Jr. high . 

This was inspired by some videos we saw at school you can go to watch some of the videos we saw.

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